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Trusted Fine Jewelry Buyers

The Most Trusted Jewelry Buyers in
Washington, DC, Maryland & Virginia

Selling your jewelry online can be convenient, but it simply does not offer the personal touch that Just Jewels USA does.  If you would prefer to meet with a jewelry buying expert face to face, then Just Jewels USA is the place for you. We understand that selling your jewelry carries an emotional weight and that sometimes these valuable items are not only physically delicate, but also delicate to you emotionally. Book an in person appointment below to get a quote for your jewelry and rest assured that you and your jewelry will be in the hands of someone who is experienced, trusted, and knowledgeable. 

At Just Jewels USA, you will be meeting with Lee Siegel who is the ultimate jewelry expert. He has been specializing in buying all types of fine jewelry and luxury watches for over 25 years. Lee's passion and love for jewelry and timepieces stems all the way back to when he was a young boy. Before opening Just Jewels USA, he served as a director for one of the largest jewelry firms in the world for 15 years. Knowing that you are dealing with an trusted jewelry buyer will make you feel comfortable and confident throughout the entire process.


Contact Just Jewels USA Today to get in touch with Lee and look forward to having one of the best jewelry selling experience - knowing you'll be working with a trusted and experienced jewelry buyer like Just Jewels USA.

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